The Poet’s Workshop

On Friday February 19th, the Literary Festival kicks off with three outstanding authors who will present writing workshops for anyone who is interested in short-fiction, writing archival information and understanding the process of poetry.

The Poetry Workshop will take place on Friday from 1pm – 3pm in an intimate setting with renowned poets Pam Galloway and Susan McCaslin.

To get a sense of what the workshop will reflect on…

Memory’s Journeys – Memoir in Poetry and Prose

Memory is a precious tool to help us tap into story. Exploring the landscapes of the past can lead to rich discoveries of people and places. Where have I been in my life journey so far? Who did I meet along the way and what did I learn? How to access the rich detail in memories will be explored in this workshop presented by two authors who have written memoirs, one in poetry and the other primarily in prose.

Pam Galloway has been writing and publishing poems for about 25 years. Her poems have been published widely in literary magazines and anthologies. Her most recent book of poetry is a poetic memoir, Passing Stranger, published Fall 2014 (Inanna Publications, Toronto).

Susan McCaslin is the author of thirteen volumes of poetry. Her most recent volumes of poetry are The Disarmed Heart (The St. Thomas Poetry Series, 2014) and Demeter Goes Skydiving (University of Alberta Press, 2011), the latter of which was short-listed for the BC Book Prize and the first-place winner of the Alberta Book Publishing Award in 2012.

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