Writing/Righting the Archive…with Linda M. Morra

Dr. Linda M. Morra is a professor at Bishop’s University where she teaches Canadian literature, Canadian and cultural studies, Indigenous literature, women’s writing, feminist theory, theories of globalization, and American literature.

She will be conducting a workshop for those writers who are new to working with and writing (fiction or non-fiction) about archival materials, or who have limited experience doing so.

The workshop will begin by differentiating between private, domestic, personal and institutional archives, and explaining the kinds of negotiations that must take place in relation to using materials from these sources (copyright, and ethical and moral issues). Workshop participants will have the opportunity to experiment with specific objects as creative writing prompts and to discuss other sources of inspiration. The workshop will also allow the participant to understand how to incorporate materials—such as letters, documents, photos, and other objects—into a larger project or as a source for an independent project. Dr. Morra will also explain how to develop a narrative that is generated from a point of conflict or of mystery, and issues related to voice, point of view, and narrative shape.

Cost – $80 – This workshop is limited in space so please contact Galiano Island Books to book your seat to this intimate and informative workshop! 250-539-3340

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