Friday Writing Workshops

Yes, there will be three great Friday workshops again this year, and here they are!

Point of View with Audrey Thomas  1-5 pm, $80.00

Participants will explore writing from the point of view of a child, a woman, a man or Other, which might include an Alien, but not an animal.  Bring paper and pens, but no electronic devices such as iphones, ipads, computers or recorders.  And expect to have lots of fun!  Limited to 8 writers.

Decluttering Your Data with Angela Crocker 1-2:50 pm, $60.00

Most writers find themselves facing an unwieldy amount of data. Photographs, social accounts, blog posts and old university essays fill hard drives and the cloud. Few individuals truly know what information they have available nor where to find it. In this session attendees will learn strategies to declutter their data, organize their information, sort out accessibility, and make a plan to keep their digital “paper tiger” under control. It’s time for us all to take charge of our digital lifestyles.

The Essay as Gathering Basket, with Theresa Kishkan 3:10-5 pm, $60.00

Essay comes from the Old French, meaning to attempt, to try, to weigh. The personal essay concentrates on a writer’s own experience and perspective, exploring elements of this life in an intimate way. Ursula LeGuin wrote of a “Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction”, suggesting that we walk through our lives, collecting things that might come in handy — pieces of twine, a handful of roots and berries, a useful bit of bark. I love this theory and believe that it can be extended to include the personal essay, that most of us have the elements for a good essay already in our minds, our hearts. Using prompts and guiding exercises, I’ll help you to use those elements to write out of your own life and experience. Participants should bring a photograph, a recipe, a significant small object. We’ll proceed from there!