Friday Writing Workshops

This year, there will be four workshops on Friday, February 17th:


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Entering Poetry

Workshop leader:  Sandy Martin

If you’ve ever wanted to write a poem, bring your pen and paper.

Bring an image of someone or something or some place that makes you pause. An image that makes you wish or wonder. Perhaps someone you know or someone you’d like to know. Or a place that you’d like to be. An image that agitates or surprises or calms, even if you don’t know why.

 Come with a visual. Leave with a poem.

Duration:  2 hours (1 to 3 pm)       Cost: $60.00



Workshop leader:   Miji Campbell

This memoir workshop invites you to explore the possibilities and power in your own writing. You will be given suggestions to create story, along with tips and tools to tell it in a meaningful way.  No writing experience required. Only life experience.

Please bring a memento: object, photograph, artifact – that reminds you of a moment in your life.

Duration:  2 hours (3 to 5 pm)    Cost:  $60.00

Flash Fiction

Workshop Leader:  Audrey Thomas

Flash Fiction or Micro Fiction seems to be like a drop of fine perfume.  One drop, maybe, but it lingers.  There is always a story, usually one or two characters. But there can be more. It might be faces in a crowd. Watching how the police as dealing with a shouting man.  but there must be story.  What is he shouting?  Does it make any sense?  Is he calling out to someone?   I will bring examples.  We will try for fiction between 500 and 1000 words.  it should be fun. But challenging.
Duration:   4 hours (1 to 5 pm)    Cost:  $80.00


Write Your Memoir

Workshop Leader:  Bill Schermbrucker

Memoir writers have particular stories to tell, and constructive assistance from the instructor and fellow workshop members can help them to discover, clarify and develop those stories. Sometimes the originally planned manuscript gets honed down tightly, or else expanded. And sometimes it morphs into a whole different book or article.  Memoir-writing is its own reward, whether done for oneself, one’s family and friends, or a wider public. It has also become a fairly hot category in saleable books, especially, but not exclusively, for people who have made a name for themselves in other fields.

Participants will be e-mailed a workshop format to be reviewed in advance of this workshop.

Duration:  4 Hours (1 to 5 pm)  Cost: $80.00