The Galiano Literary Festival organizers answer your FAQs!

So, how do Full Festival or Gold Passes work? 

The ultimate way to experience the Galiano Literary Festival is definitely with a Full Festival Pass or Gold Pass. Both passes give you unlimited access to the Friday Opening Reception, all of the panels and readings on Saturday and Sunday and include continental breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday as well as the Books & Beer event on Sunday. With the Gold Pass you will also receive preferred front row seating at all events plus admission to the Saturday Night Author’s Dinner.   The Full Festival Pass is $250 and the Gold Festival Pass is $300.

*Please note, the full festival pass does not include the author’s dinner. That can be purchased separately, and we are happy to offer a choice of veggie or omnivore meals for you!

If you aren’t from the island, we will either mail your tickets to you or hold your ticket package at the bookstore until your arrival.

If you have any questions or inquires about our Festival Passes please feel free to give us a call at the bookstore at 1 250-539-3340, visit our website or e-mail at leetrentadue@gmail.com.

When and where should I book accommodation on the island?

If you’re coming for the festival, you should book a place to stay as soon as possible. Space at the beautiful Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa is limited, and tends to fill up quickly. All the festival events take place at the Inn, either in the oceanfront restaurant or cozy, garden-surrounded meeting rooms, and the Inn is a five minute walk from the ferry terminal and the bookstore.  To contact the Inn, phone at 1-877-530-3939 or visit their website at galianoinn.com

There are other choices for accommodation on the island, including cabins, lodges, and B&Bs, but it’s important to take a look at location if you are coming over foot passenger. If you plan to walk, look for south island locations and let the person you’re booking with know you plan to attend the festival. Our knowledgeable bookstore staff can help you with accommodation tips when you purchase your event tickets; give us a call during store hours. 250-539-3340 or for more information visit the Galiano Island Chamber of Commerce at galianoisland.com.

What’s it like to attend a writer’s workshop?

 As you may know, on Friday February 22nd we’re offering four writing workshops led by Audrey Thomas, Marilyn Norry, Don Calame and Sara Cassidy . The workshops vary in price and are not included in the festival pass, since registration numbers for the workshops are limited.
If you’ve never taken a writing workshop before, the prospect can be daunting. Do I need to be a published writer? Can I take a workshop about a genre that I’ve never attempted before? Will we be writing at the workshop, and will I be required to read what I’ve written?
We can’t answer all your questions here, but we can tell you that the literary festival workshops will accommodate a range of interests and skill levels. It’s not necessary to have published a poem, story or novel in order to attend. A workshop can be a great introduction to a literary genre you don’t know much about, as long as you attend with an open mind and willingness to learn. Most workshops do involve a certain amount of writing, whether simple exercises or lengthy free-writes, but no workshop leader would force you to share what you’ve written, against your will! Most participants find that the warm and welcoming atmosphere of a good workshop makes them eager to share. But a bashfulness about reading should never hinder your choice to take a workshop. When in doubt, contact the workshop organizers ahead of time and ask for details.
We’d be happy to answer any other questions you might have about the Galiano Litfest workshops.
Give us a call at the store, 250-539-3340.
A brief description of all the Friday February 22nd workshops is available on the website or click here

 Will the authors be on hand to chat/ sign my books?

Unlike some larger festivals, the Galiano Literary Festival is gloriously intimate, with one cozy venue. If you’re staying at the Inn as well, you may find yourself never leaving the grounds. We do however, recommend you check out our stunning beaches and spectacular restaurants! The author’s dinner on Saturday February 23rd (not included in the festival pass) provides an opportunity to meet and mingle with the authors and the workshops on Friday afternoon will take place in lovely and intimate venues. Authors will be on hand to sign books after their readings as well!
The relaxed, friendly atmosphere of the Galiano Litfest provides a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow bibliophiles, enjoy some top-notch literature, and get your book signed.
And yes, there will be great titles by all of our authors and others at the festival bookshop in the lobby of the Inn as well as at our main store, Galiano Island Books, just next door.  Please feel free to come in and browse.