About Us


Galiano Island Books boasts the same ingredients as its larger competitors. With over 25,000 titles, we continue to grow and cater to a wide-range of tastes.

However, as a community-minded bookstore, we can never lose sight of our local authors.

Our fascination with the high-quality Canadian publications that grow right in our own backyard has led us to “hand-pick” the best titles—and bring them directly to you!


We are hosting our 10th annual Galiano Literary Festival in February 2019.  The Festival and number of attendees is growing with each year and we look forward to an even more successful event this year with a fabulous line-up of wonderful authors coming to our lovely island!

We decided to host the event in February for a few reasons, not the least of which being that we wanted to attract visitors to the island in an otherwise quiet time – to help provide businesses with a little off-season boost and to help establish Galiano Island as a “year round” rather than “seasonal” destination.  The weather has always cooperated and visitors and authors have raved about the island and many have come back to visit.


“More literary festivals ought to be like the one on Galiano. The setting is unequalled. The organizers have everything covered beautifully. I have never seen such a good opportunity for writers and others to schmooze in such a beautiful building. I told Jean that I would give up pie for a year if I get to go there again.”  George Bowering

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